The highly anticipated movie “OMG 2,” featuring Akshay Kumar, has been garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) recently ordered the makers to make significant changes in the character played by Akshay Kumar. The decision has created a stir among fans and movie buffs. Let us know in detail about the controversy surrounding the film and its impact on the release date.

Controversial Changes

Initially, it was confirmed that Akshay Kumar would play the role of Lord Shiva in “OMG 2”. However, the CBFC has raised objections and wants the director to change Akshay’s character to a messenger (messenger). The demand is one of the 20 cuts and changes ordered by the revision committee of the censor board. The issue arises because some scenes in the film show Akshay Kumar with blue skin, which is reminiscent of the depiction of Lord Shiva.

Expected release date

The requested change has put the film’s release date in jeopardy. The makers are considering postponing the release to fight against the demands of the CBFC. If the producers decide to go ahead with the changes, additional time and money will be required to remove the offending scenes or digitally alter the skin colour. Consequently, there is a possibility that “OMG 2” will not meet its intended release date of August 11.

Public reaction and speculation on OMG 2

The ongoing controversy surrounding the film has sparked heated discussions among the audience. Some feel that the depiction of Lord Shiva in a comic context may hurt religious sentiments, while others defend creative freedom. Meanwhile, speculations are rife about the plot of the film as it reportedly touches upon a sensitive subject like sex education. These discussions have increased the anticipation and curiosity regarding “OMG 2”.

OMG 2 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films of the year, but its journey to the big screen has been riddled with controversies. The clash between artistic expression and potential religious sensibility has raised questions about the responsibility of filmmakers and the role of censors. Board. As fans eagerly await the release, only time will tell how the makers handle the CBFC’s demands and how it will impact the final cut of the film.